Welcome to Etrium

Wonders, peril, and adventure awaits within the realms of Etrium. Dragons sit in their caverns filled with the treasures of a thousand years and Kings rise and fall with the ages.

A tentative peace settles across the nations of Etrium. The elves and dwarves have finally called for a cease fire after centuries of open warfare, and the rise of the Kingdom of Yrel has united the once fractured human lands through a decade long holy crusade. But nothing is perfect. The dwarves’ and elves’ diplomatic efforts are quickly deteriorating into shouting matches filled with insults and blame. Even the glorious Yrel empire is poisoned with disgruntled nobles, the displaced clergy of banned religions, and even the Thieves’ Guild seems to have come out from hiding to sabotage the new nation.

But worse than the political undercurrents is the feeling of something wicked coming…