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Welcome to the campaign! These are the character creation rules for the group of PCs the DM will be running through a variety of deadly exciting adventures. If you’re unclear on any aspect of character creation, feel free to ask the DM. If something is blatantly off limits (such as 3rd party materials) then don’t ask about that because you’re not the special exception to the rule.

Stat Generation 20 point buy

Starting Level 3

Starting Wealth 3000gp

We will be using the background skill rules with a couple changes.

  • Craft (alchemy) is an adventuring skill
  • Perform is an adventuring skill for bards
  • Handle Animal is an adventuring skill for druids, hunters, rangers, and any other character that gains an animal companion
  • Sleight of Hand is an adventuring skill

Antipaladins, clerics, fighters, and sorcerers (except sorcerers with the sage bloodline) gain 1 additional skill point per level to put into a Profession or Craft (except alchemy) skill to represent life experience. Also because 2+Int skills per level for non-Int classes is retarded.

Playable Races
Make sure you read up on how the races fit into the setting. There are a lot of fluff differences between the races of Golarion and the races of Etrium! In the case of elves, there’s even an additional alternate trait available.

Core: dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-elves, halflings, half-orcs, and humans
Featured Races: ifrits, kobolds, orcs, oreads, ratfolk, sylphs, tieflings, undine
Uncommon Races: changelings, gillmen, and vishkanya
Other Races: skinwalkers

Classes and Archetypes
It’s probably quicker to go over the classes that are not available to play, so that’s what we will do.

Unallowed Core Classes: paladin
Unallowed Core Archetypes: savage technologist (barbarian), saurian shaman (druid), cyber soldier (fighter), nanite bloodline (sorcerer), spellslinger (wizard)

Unallowed Base Classes: cavalier, gunslinger (except bolt ace archetype), summoner (except unchained), vigilante
Unallowed Base Archetypes: bladebound (magus)

Unallowed Alternate Classes: samurai

Unallowed Hybrid Archetypes: musketeer (swashbuckler), picaroon (swashbuckler)

Unallowed Occult Archetypes: psychic duelist (psychic)

Barbarians, monks, and rogues can choose to be Unchained or not. Any summoner created must be Unchained and will be forbidden to make things that are stupid overpowered like eidolons with six arms.

Characters start with 2 traits, and a third if you take a drawback. If you choose a drawback, you must include a description of how this drawback has an impact on your character.

Make sure you take a look at the House Rules page for more info!

Character Creation

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