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Languages same as the adoptive race.

A Changeling is the offspring of a hag and her suitor, a man usually seduced through trickery and deceit. The hag abandons the child in a location they know she will be found and raised, usually in a community of the father’s race, whatever that may have been. When a changeling reaches the age of 10, their hag mother steals them away in the night to train as a witch and slowly transform them into a hag as well. On rare occasions, the hag is either unsuccessful or unable to reclaim her daughter and will lurk around the area where the changeling resides and attempt to “call” the child to her.Changelings’ have a harsh, and often violent, upbringing once taken in by the hag.

Changelings are always female and have heterochromia.

Most cases of changeling children occur around Witches’ Run and Hearth.


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