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This is where you can find the mechanical differences between this campaign and published Pathfinder materials. This section is likely to grow as we encounter more things I dislike.

Banned Materials

These are things that despite being Paizo published, are still not allowed in my game. But, seeing as how much crap there is in Pathfinder, this list might grow as you dig up more game-breaking shit.

Sacred Geometry

Gunslingers with the exception of the crossbow archetype
Any archetypes that involve guns
Summoners with a broken build

Equipment and Items
Any of the technology gear

Third Party Material
It’s literally all banned

(Did I mention NO GUN STUFF?!?!)


This campaign uses the background skill rules with a couple changes:

  • Craft (alchemy) is an adventuring skill
  • Perform is an adventuring skill for bards
  • Handle Animal is an adventuring skill for druids, hunters, rangers, and any other character that gains an animal companion
  • Sleight of Hand is an adventuring skill

Antipaladins, clerics, fighters, and sorcerers (except sorcerers with the sage bloodline) gain 1 additional skill point per level to put into a Profession or Craft (except alchemy) skill to represent life experience.

Craft and Profession skills can be used in place of other skills when appropriate. For example, a character with ranks in Profession (florist) would be able to identify the smell of a poison made from the nectar of a deadly flower.


Antipaladins can be of any evil alignment without taking an archetype, but undergo a few changes to properly reflect their values. Any antipaladin must submit a three point code of conduct along with their character that demonstrates what the character stands for. One example for a CE aligned antipaladin is something like “I will undo any good deed done before me”. This lets the DM know that you’re going to smack every free ice cream cone out of every child’s hand.

Lawful evil antipaladins replace the following spells on their spell lists:

  • protection from law is replaced with protection from chaos
  • communal protection from law is replaced with communal protection from chaos
  • magic circle against law is replaced with magic circle against chaos
  • dispel law is replaced with dispel chaos

Neutral evil antipaladins gain both the chaotic and lawful versions of these spells on their spell list.

Fiendish Boon
Lawful evil antipaladins who choose the weapon bond replace the anarchic enchantment with the axiomatic enchantment. Neutral evil antipaladins lose the alignment based enchantment option.

Lawful evil antipaladins who choose to gain the service of a fiendish servant must select either a fiendish animal or a creature with the lawful and evil subtypes. Neutral evil antipaladins must choose between a fiendish animal or a creature with only the evil subtype. If the summon monster list doesn’t have an appropriately aligned creature, you and the DM can sit down and select something CR appropriate.

Alignments Restrictions

PrC entrance requirements have been loosened up a bit. If a PrC requires a specific alignment, you can still take it so long as your alignment is within one step of the pre-req. For example, if the PrC requires an alignment of LE, you can still take it as long as you are either LN or NE.

For archetypes with alignment requirements, you are welcome to ask the DM if this same flexibility can be applied.


If you fly during combat, all my creatures that were on the floor may or may not suddenly be revealed to have wings. If you stay on the floor, my creatures will too. If you fly, suddenly, they remember they can, too (I mean only if they legitimately had a method to do so). If you do choose flight, the ap will go split screen and have a side view where you’ll have to track a second token on its vertical position for my own visual benefit.


I’ve actually got a whole faction in the works based around the teleportation subschool, but it’s just not quite ready to go yet, so instead I’ll be putting up some limitations on it.

Long Distance Teleportation Travel
Teleporting over great distances at a whim is going to be limited. Basically, PC’s shouldn’t be picking up teleportation as a spell, but there are specialized mages in most cities (and some larger towns) who can open portals over great distances for you. Why? Because this isn’t an adventure path where nothing happens on the road except random encounters. I want my party on the ground to explore the world, find hidden quests and encounters, and have a chance to get to know each other’s characters as more than just other tokens on the map.

Teleporting Through Doors
Any door with a lock more complex than what you’d find on a typical person’s household will have something preventing you from just teleporting through. It might be a specific material or a dimensional anchor, but in general, your characters will know that using the spell slot to get through a door is probably a waste. Also, if you try, I’ll make you stuck in the door forever because fuck you. GO THROUGH MY DOORS!

House Rules

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