Opec's Spine

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Capital No formal capital
Ruler Varies by clan
Government Imperial bureaucracy of royal families
Major Populations Dwarves, humans
Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven
Geography Underground caverns

The dwarves of Opce’s Spine have the most openly friendly relationship with the other nations, though they certainly don’t drop their ore prices under any circumstances. But, they do have more open borders and less taxes on logging the trees off the sides of their mountains than Thrudane Mountains which the Kingdom of Yrel takes full advantage of. They are also the only region of dwarves willing to take smithing apprentices from other races. Compared to Deep Forge and Thrudane Mountains, the mines of Opec’s Spine are quite shallow, but they have more iron ore than the other two combined making them the wealthiest of the three dwarven regions.

The dwarven kingdoms within Opec’s Spine have sent massive amounts of aid to the dwarves of Thrudane Mountains to help them with their war efforts against the elves.

Opec's Spine

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