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Major Deities

Within Etrium, there are nine gods that make up the primary pantheon. Deities are generally above morality, however Clerics and other such worshipers may lose their powers if they stray too far from the ideals and motives of their god.

Yrel | Lilaeth | Esryn | Tohena | Osdos | Abris | Vidam | Rulnir | Ul’gotth

The only domains not accounted for by the primary gods are the elemental domains (read below), scalykind, vermin, and void.

Minor Deities

Gods are not the only beings capable of providing great gifts and boons to their followers. Demon Lords, Angels, Elder Fey, and other such powerful beings can grant powers and domains as well. Players are welcome to submit a concept for a minor deity they feel fits better with their character. The DM will work with you to make something that fits with your character as well as the setting!

Element Domains

Many find themselves drawn to a particular element so strongly that it’s as if the corresponding elemental plane itself is granting domain powers. Clerics and other classes with domains can instead choose one elemental domain (air, earth, fire, water) and one alignment domain (chaos, evil, good, law) as appropriate.


Like the Pocahontas song: I know every rock and tree and creature… has a life, has a spirit, has a name…

Ancestor Worship

Ancestor worship is the veneration of ancestral spirits rather than the worship of a deity.


Atheists rebuke the authority of divine forces and reject the gods. Rather than proclaiming a disbelief in the deities, which undeniably exist, these mortals instead claim that the beings heralded as gods are not truly divine, and therefore are not deserving of worship.


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