Thrudane Mountains

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Capital Throne of Kings
Ruler Varies by clan
Government Imperial bureaucracy of royal families
Major Populations Dwarves
Languages Common, Dwarven, Undercommon
Geography Underground caverns, rivers

The Thrudane Mountains hosts the largest population of dwarves in Etrium. It’s filled with vibrant dwarven cities and the economy is almost purely driven by the gemstone industry.

It was the dwarves of the Thrudane Mountains that had a hand in sparking up the elven-dwarven conflict. The dwarves followed the silver right from their own mountains to the area directly under Silverpass. The elves would have never know, except the dwarves opened several ventilation shafts up on the surface. The elves were none to happy about the sudden appearance of the vents and things became violent between the two peoples. Recently, one of the more influential clans’ leaders offered the Archmage, one of the two rulers of the elves, a crown fashioned with a small fortune worth of precious gems and metals. This gift prompted a cease fire between the two races and moved them to discuss a more peaceful resolution. Sadly, those talks aren’t going well.

Thrudane Mountains

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